Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hi All.... ;-)

Hi All,

All blogs needs an introduction post, so.... here it is :)

My name is Mukesh Kumar. I’m a Software engineer and have been involved with WINCE 6.0 BSP and driver development and a few Applications running on those platforms.

This BLOG will cover my journey of developing the BSP and .NETCF Applications.
I will also try my best to review,comments on other topics and link to the scattered posts and threads in this BLOG-O-Sphere and FORUMS,that I find interesting, so that it may help others to find all the related stuffs at the same place.

I grew up back in Gaya, India. Later on I came to Bangalore for my Bachelors in Engineering, Computer science.Since then i am in Bangalore, Working and enjoying my life here.
Well, I know that it seems a little late arriving on the Blog scene.But then Lets Start .... ;-)

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